The Movie


After winning the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, where General Miltiades defending the invasion of the Persians, he sent a messenger to Athens to announce the happy event. The messenger having gone through about 40 kilometers so that is where you have - Today Psychico-rundown area while she managed to say the word "nenikikamen" and died on the spot. At the end of the 19th century, the legend of the messenger was inspired Pierre de Coubertin creator of the modern Olympic Games and philhellene Michele Breal who was involved in writing books drawing his subjects from Greek mythology and ancient Greek history. When the idea of ​​modern Olympic games became reality the organizers recalled the glory of ancient Greece in an attempt to find a large and well-known fact. This will repeat the legendary version of events, with the contestants running from Marathon to Athens. So for this reason the sport of marathon acquired special prestige and added to the Olympic Games program. Alongside major cities around the world organize their own annual marathon race. Since the sport of marathon road became very popular worldwide. Organizes more than 700 games each year and only take place in Europe over 300. The performance improved continuously in marathon men and women. Millions of athletes and athletes participating in marathons around the world thus conveying the message of peace "us" and fighting the limits of human endurance of body and spirit, as when a messenger ran from Marathon to Athens to carry the message. The film raises an excellent record in the marathon that became symbols for example, and the unlimited power held by each person.